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Hello & welcome to my first blog of 2023! Horses “at liberty”. Because this blog is all about stunning portraits, focusing on the horse… but I will let you in to a secret! None of these horses were actually loose! Which is why I wanted to share this blog and sample images with you, as I have had numerous horse owners and breeders who have been desperate to have images like this of their horses, but known that they absolutely couldn’t take their headcollars off in these locations, so instead we let a bit of photoshop do it’s magic!

Below, you will see a collection of images taken with horses wearing either bridles or smart leather head collars. In all of these images, I have removed the lead rope when editing.

The following, showing no halter at all are best taken using a rope (horsemanship style) head collar. These halters are very thin, making them perfect for removal in photoshop, but still allow great control for the handler.

If you would love images like this of your horse(s) – Please complete the form on the BOOK YOUR PHOTO SHOOT page & I would love to arrange with you.

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