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I first thought of this shoot concept about a year and a half ago (around the same time as I photographed the image dreamer, with a bed on the top of a mountain in Snowdonia). I could picture the image in my head, but for reasons I couldn’t understand, there was something missing! I won’t plan a Nocturne shoot until I am 100% confident in how I want the final image to look, so a year passed & I continued to think about this image, asking myself what element needed to be altered, what was it I had missed to make this shot exceptional?

The answer, as I discovered in the September of this year was the outfit. A classic ballgown, like those featured In a lot of the Nocturne series just wasn’t quite the fit for this shoot. I have always adored 20s clothing & so the Gatsby style flapper dress was the way to go when featuring lamps and a chair from a similar time period.

27th November 2022 (photo shoot day)

I arrived at the woodland at 12:30 and was blown away by the beautiful colours. Autumn has been late this year! So the colours are still beautiful now as we enter December. The golden/bronze colours were exactly what I had hoped for, to create a warm atmosphere within the images, to complement Rosie (The equine Model) and her chestnut coat.

The sun was hiding behind thick clouds, which was perfect for this shoot, so that the ground could be illuminated more easily in the exact areas I needed around the lamps. We also captured a selection of images using a vintage chair I used in a previous shoot. The style I could see would work perfectly with the outfit & I am so glad I took it along for a few shots.

A selection of portrait shots captured in my classic photo shoot style, but still featuring this 1920s outfit.

Towards the end of the shoot, We went to a beautiful clearing, where just a hint of eventing golden light started to shine through, creating a very dreamy atmosphere for this final shot.

I hope you love this collection of images as much as I do & do keep your eyes peeled for more nocturne shoots over the coming months!

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