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Halloween Spooktacular

We have reached the middle of October & that means it is time for a halloween post! You may have seen some of my recent posts on social media, mentioning that there are a number of creative projects I have planned over the coming months & what a way to commence these shoots than with a halloween special!!


(But with an Amelia Hart twist)

This year’s series of halloween images have been inspired by the 17th Century book little red riding hood, although the original folk story is suspected to date back even further! Although recognised as a children’s story, the dark tale was in fact first told for the ears of adults.

“What frightens us today is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday. It’s just a different wolf.”

Alfred Hitchcock

The preparation of this photo shoot started with a search for red leaves. A twist on the tale I wanted to portray was how red riding hood followed a trail of red leaves through the forrest. Surprisingly, finding red leaves in early October proved to be quite a challenge, as many of the trees in British woodlands have leaves instead turn mustard, orange or bronze.
Thankfully a friend of the family has a beautiful vine which has grown around her house & outbuildings, with stunning red leaves, so I was very kindly able to use them to create my red pathway in the forrest.

The pathway is a metaphor for the danger red riding hood will face on her journey.
The light was truly spectacular among the trees, with spotlights dotted everywhere.

For the shoot itself, there was the most gorgeous autumnal lighting, which allowed me to enhance the dark atmosphere within series of images even further. As well as this, within a small area of woodland, there were so many gorgeous, yet contrasting locations, so that I could achieve a different effect between the images.

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