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First and foremost, as I am sure many of you know, I am an equestrian portrait photographer. This means I take photos of horses and owners, capturing their wonderful connection, often with a fine art twist. Over the course of my career I have been commissioned by a number of equestrian businesses to put my stamp on their business by doing commercial photo shoots for them. When imputing my unique style on a commercial shoot, truly unique images are captured, which really help to engage the audience. Whether they are viewing the photographs on social media, the business website, printed in a magazine or on a large poster/banner in a shop or at an event; Having images with that fine art touch make them stand out from the crowd and direct people to what your business has to offer.

Below I wanted to share with you a collection of images recently taken on a photo shoot at Bow House.

On this photo shoot at Bow House, I was capturing images for a number of differing businesses (this is an option which can work very well for brands wanting to collaborate or split the cost of a photo shoot) Below are some images taken for Prestige, here I focussed on their beautiful bridles, while lots of saddle images can be seen in the ridden images.

Here I used a consistent background, so that the photographs blended well as a set, Both horses were chestnut which also helped with consistency in these images.

the next image was taken for Caroline Wild (a saddle fitter) here, we also featured one of the Prestige saddles, so that the image had multiple purposes.

Top Spec is another brand who featured in this shoot, using the banner in the arena and their numnah in this image, we have included two types of branding here. Having some action shots of this beautiful horse looking his best with a shining coat really present the quality of Top Spec’s Supplements.

The next image is specifically for JP (the rider) to use, depicting the connection he has with his horses

I also took a number of photographs to show the facilities at Bow House. The photo shoot was on a beautiful summers day, which added to the beautiful and idyllic setting.

Bow House Equestrian also offers riding lessons, so I also photographed their lovely ponies for use on the Bow House website to advertise this.

As you can see, we managed to cover a lot of bases during this photo shoot,  which was approximately 3 hours in Duration.

As an estimated quote most business shoots include:

  • a 2 hour photo shoot
  • Include all Images as High Resolution Files
  • A 20 mile travel radius of SY5 9EP (each additional mile exceeding this is 60p)
  • You will receive approximately 150+ images from your photo shoot

A photo shoot with the above details is £600 – You can also have a video produced for an additional £250

If you would like to arrange a business or personal photo shoot with me, please email

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