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I am loving photographing the beautiful colts and Fillies of 2020! Here I will show you a couple of this years wonderful foal sessions!

My first Foal photo shoot of 2020 was with this beautiful Falabella filly, who just so happens to be my smallest equestrian model to date. Standing at around 40cm, this sweetie is the same size as a lamb and was born during Lockdown. We managed to arrange her photo shoot for early June, as she hadn’t grown too much in this time.

My second photo shoot was with another wonderful Filly, who was quite a bit taller than the last and was also born during lockdown.

Same Yard – Different foal

Foals are gorgeous; I am sure we can all agree! And they most definitely deserve a photo shoot of their very own (as well as pictures with their mums)
However, as I’m sure any breeders know, foals are not the most patient and so a conventional photo shoot isn’t really possible. That is why I have created this package just for them.
The photo shoot is kept short (30-45 minutes maximum) in order to keep them occupied. We can do a couple of photos in locations around the yard that they are used to if you wish and then the rest are taken in their field, having some fun (and quite possibly at the end, after all the excitement) a sleep.
My photo shoots are fully booked for June and July, however, I know that these photo shoots are time sensitive, as these lovely foals grow up so quickly, so, as the colts and fillies package is much shorter than my other photo shoots and therefor require shorter editing time, I can fit in one or two of these packages for anyone local to SY5 9EP (within 30-40 minutes drive) in June and July

Available Dates –

26th June

24th July

These packages can otherwise be booked right through until October for further locations.
The price for this shoot is £100 per foal (each foal will have a 30-45 minute photo shoot) and you will revive a preview image from your photo shoot within 24 hours.
A 10 miles travel radius from SY5 9EP is included in this price, any additional travel is 60p per mile. Please message me if you would like to arrange one of these photo shoots.


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