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Since my last blog post, lots of wonderful memories have been made with lovely people and their horses. Join me as I share with you a selection of images taken from each shoot this summer.

The first of which was with Iona and her gorgeous Luso Alonzo. After doing a photo shoot with this lovely pair last spring, it was wonderful to see them again and capture a truly Spanish vibe on a wonderful summers evening.

My second shoot was more action based, capturing sales image for Ceri Chapman’s beautiful horses. Pictured below if one of the beautiful show jumpers I photographed for Cerise’s to use in his sale advert.

My third shoot was with Theatrick, a team of incredible equestrian stunt horses and riders. With this shoot, we truly delved in to the “mythical forrest” theme, and captured some truly magical moments.

The next photo shoot was with the lovely Megan Elphick. I first met Megan at Badminton Horse Trials 2019, where I photographed the lovely bear who was competing in grassroots. Since then, we have done a spring and now a summer shoot.

Following Megan’s shoot there was a small break in photo shoots for a week or so due to the weather, but it wasn’t long before I was back in action, photographing Clare and her three lovely horses (or 2 1/2 as one was a very cute shetland).

Next was a very atmospheric photo shoot with Chloe. We were blessed with several stunning backdrops, on a beautiful gravel drive, in a woodland and in a field of corn. The lighting was incredible on this day and is a perfect example of why an overcast day can produce truly captivating images.

The next photo shoot was top secret at the time, as Mandy had booked me to take photos of her daughter’s horse and produce a beautiful framed print for her to be given as a birthday present. Now that Helen’s birthday has been, she has seen the final product and so I can share these photos with you.

The locations available on the next shoot were phenomenal! It was like stepping in to Africa, with a stunning tree house, beautiful pond and even monkeys on the veranda, we were truly spoilt for choice when it came to choosing a backdrop for these image.

Next it was a trip to the beach!! It was so wonderful to be back and with the stunning lighting we couldn’t have asked for a better evening! Emily and Jess had so much fun on their ponies and we captured the perfect vision of Summer.

Following the beach photo shoot was a lovely session with Ami and Russ. Russ is a very well known face and has competed at the RDA championships with a number of incredible riders.

The next photo shoot was extremely cute, with Evie, here three ponies and YES, a chicken! It is always lovely to include additional pets on photo shoots, so that is exactly what we did!

The Final shoot of Summer 2020 was right at the end of August, with an unbelievably cute foal, as well as a couple of other beautiful horses. the sun was shining and it was a fantastic way to conclude the summer season.

If you would like to book your special photo shoot, please complete the form below and I will be in touch with you via email.

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