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It had been 12 weeks since my last photo shoot and doing a golden hour session with Ceri and the lovely Rose was a wonderful way to get back to work.

During lockdown, I have been staying creative by doing photo shoots with my own horses, but getting back to do portrait photo shoots has been wonderful. In my post after Ceri’s shoot, I wrote ” It happened! This photo shoot last night will resonate with me for years to come, not only because of my lovely client and her horse, not only because we were blessed with a beautiful golden hour, but because it is my first photo shoot back since the Covid pandemic began. It is 12 weeks since my last photo shoot and it felt so wonderful to be back out capturing special moments like this. More to come soon and I am hugely looking forward to getting back in to the photo shoot routine.”

We began the photo shoot on the yard, where we used this lovely gate to capture a selection of images like this. We didn’t take many on the yard itself, as the stables were in the shade of the sun, however there were some lovely barns a field away which we planned to use (images from which you will see later in this blog).

After photographing in the gateway, we went to the adjacent field, where golden light flooded in. Here, I photographed from a number of different angles, which are shown below, to embrace what this spectacular light had to offer.

In The images below, which were taken in to the sunlight, the mosquitos create orbs by capturing the sunlight. This is an effect I love when doing golden hour photo shoots in the summer.

During the photo shoot, Ceri said she has never had a relationship with another horse like she has with Rose. Together they have achieved fantastic things and capturing their connection was so wonderful.

Here we explored these wonderful old barns, I loved the greenery present in this location and the way it connected with the beautiful brickwork.

This too was a beautiful old red brick barn which we used later in the photo shoot when Ceri rode Rose.

The sheep in this field really added to the feel of this wonderful image.

Ceri wrote a wonderful testimonial reading – “Last night just felt magical… to be in a field on our own land with the sunset going down behind us! All you need is a camera held by Millie Hart, Sasha doing some crazy attention seeking dances and of course the most special horse I’ve ever ever owned! It truly was stunning… to be walking around bare back capturing beautiful one to one moments like these will stay with me forever. Here are 2 preview photos! I’m sure you’ll agree they are magical! I cannot wait to see the rest 😍 I cant recommend Something from the Hart highly enough xxx” Receiving feedback like this warms my heart.

Silhouettes, as the light became lower in the sky

See a selection of other images from this wonderful photo shoot here:

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