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Over the past few weeks, I have been busy with three amazing models between commissioned shoots, creating an exiting series of Halloween themed images to share with you all. from Witchcraft to a haunted castle and something very cute, this year I have gone all out to create a variety of spooktacular images.

Victoria and her beautiful friesian horse Mattie modelled for one of the images in my Nocturne series. Towards the end of the shoot, as we were blessed with even more incredible light and locations that hadn’t yet been explored, rounded off with Victoria admitting that Halloween is her favourite season, we decided to capture a selection of witchcraft themed shots, with a lovely navy ballgown, which worked beautifully with Mattie’s Black coat and Victoria’s hair.

Deep within the woods, we found a small pond, which was perfect for creating a truly atmospheric scene with an old lantern.

In the past, I have done a number of photo shoots with an enchanted woodland theme, however none of them have ever had a dark twist like this, which meant I had to use very different camera settings to create the atmosphere needed to make the images work.

As well as the woodland, we found an overgrown clearing, which had the most spectacular golden hour light (as shown in the images below) creating lots of variety.

As mentioned above, earlier in October, I photographed Rosie and her beautiful horse Prince at a local castle ruins, where we created the official 2021 Halloween video, which has since been an enormous success.

For this magnificent shoot, Rosie was kindly given her mum’s stunning wedding dress to wear, which worked so beautifully with the traditional theme.

The images came out beautifully, but the video really stole the show and has received enormous praise on social media.

All in all, the themed Halloween 2021 photo shoots have been wonderful, but with a couple of days still remaining until the 31st October, one more (rather cute) surprise is in store – in the form of Mia and Lily surrounded by pumpkins. This idea was kindly made possible by the lovely farmer at Llynclys Hall Farm Shop, we captured some gorgeous images, which really round off an amazing Halloween series of images for 2021.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see more photos (You can also enter the Halloween 2021 competition over on Instagram to be in with the chance of winning a £200 voucher which can be put towards a photo shoot!

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