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With my job, I visit so many beautiful yards & surrounding areas for photo shoots, each with their own unique qualities. This blog briefly described each location/prop which was available on one particular photo shoot and then shows the images captured there.

To give you an overview of the yard, this is a traditional, characterful cattle farm and adjacent stables, with rustic wooden door frames, walls which have been painted white, a variety of stable designs are on offer, both within a barn and a stable block surrounding a courtyard area, which is also overlooked by a row of pig-sties. This is the “yard” area.

When leaving the yard through an archway, between two stables, the rest of the farm is laid out, made up of a number of corrugated barns, a driveway up to the house and the arena. beyond this, there are many acres of fields, each with unique backdrops. Many of these fields contain cows, as this is a working cattle farm, however as theses horses are turned out with cows, we were still able to go in with them and actually include them in a couple of shots.


Clients often say that they are unsure of what locations we can use for their photo shoot. Understandably, it can be hard, when you spend every day at your yard, to see the locations that could be used, but when I arrive and see it for the first time, all is revealed.

A rustic wooden Door to the stable block
Inside a stable, using the back wall as a feature
A brick wall which had been painted white
Sitting on the wall of one of the pig styes.
A wash box/stable to create a dark room style shot.


A corrugated metal barn on the edge of the farm.
A neighbouring field
A fallen tree
A field with cows in
(I will note that I wouldn’t ask you to take your horse in to a field with cows, however, on this occasion, we were able to as this horse is turned out with them)
On the driveway – a beautiful red vine to add a pop of colour.
Two horses together surrounded by autumn leaves.
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