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My Summer Style Guide.

The season which can in fact be a little difficult, when it comes to choosing your outfit, as here in the UK, Summer can either mean full sunshine and intense heat (just recently, temperatures have reached 30 degrees here in Shrewsbury) and yet it could also mean 10 degrees and pouring rain.

Firstly I will say, if there is rain forecast for the day of your shoot, we generally tend to postpone, however, it is very possible that on the day of your photo shoot, we could be having a heat wave or a cool breeze, even at the peak of summer, so it is important to plan for every eventuality.

Cool & Overcast Summer Days

I am writing this on Tuesday 3rd August 2021, we have had some extreme heat recently, as well as some cooler days. This weekend just gone, I was at Hardwick Hall, for my charity photo shoot weekend. Both days were overcast, with highs of around 15 degrees, so here are a couple of examples of outfits that work nicely for days like this.

Country Style

For the Country style, jeans are definitely a go-to, as they fit perfectly with the theme and also offer some warmth if needed. For cooler days like this, a smart, long sleeved shirt also ties in with the style, while offering that extra warmth. If it is a particularly cool day, a smart country Jacket (as shown in the top left image) or poncho (centre) will work fantastically as an accessory we can add and remove easily while again offering warmth. Another accessory you can add to this outfit style no matter the weather is a fedora style hat.

Ready To Ride

As shown by Sara (top right) a long sleeved base layer is brilliant when choosing the ready to ride style on a cool summers day and depending on the style you are going for we could alternatively feature a show jacket.

Going To The Ball

The “going to the ball” style is absolutely possible on an overcast summers day, so if your heart is set on those fairytale style images, we can 100% still do it (after all, I have had people in ballgowns in the snow before now, so an overcast Summers day is comparatively much warmer). What I will say, is that if you are feeling a little cold while wearing the dress, bring a jacket which you can wear between shots and while we are changing locations, so that you can keep warm.

The Summer Sun

Planning for every eventuality is the key to this blog and with a couple of small adjustments, an outfit can change enormously!

Country Style

Firstly The country look, again featuring a pair of smart jeans (as shown in the top left and right images) or tailored shorts to portray warm, summer vibes. Country boots (either long or short) in earthy colours are always recommended to fit with this theme. When choosing a shirt for a warm summers day, I highly recommend a short sleeved, blouse, either in white or another muted/earthy tone.

Ready To Ride

The Ready to ride look can again be adjusted to the temperature. As shown in the bottom right image, a short sleeved base layer works very well here. You can either wear jodhpurs (as though you are going for a ride) or do as Katie has done and wear jeans for more of a distinctly equestrian take on the “country style” theme.

Riding boots or country boots, depending on your take of this theme, are both very effective.

Going To The Ball

On a warm, summers day, the going to the ball style created the most beautiful fairytale lighting. The image taken in the bottom left hand corner was taken at around 10am.

The Classic

The classic style is a cheque, modern spin on a smart/casual look, as shown in the central top image. I would best describe this outfit as the one you would wear when going out to town for lunch in a restaurant. Similarly to the “going to the ball” style, this is not usually the outfit you would wear around horses.

Top Tips

  • Prepare three outfits for your photo shoot. Your photo shoot is approximately two hours in duration and it is always best to schedule in a couple of breaks for your horse in this time, in order to keep him/her alert. During this break is the perfect time to have an outfit change.
  • With any of the outfit styles, I would always recommend considering the colours present in your chosen location. Try not to choose colours which clash with your surroundings, or that feature big patterns or branding/logos, as they can create a distraction in the images.
  • If you are struggling to choose, get a big variety of outfits ready for the start of your shoot; we can then go through all of them and choose three options that work best together.
  • Accessories are key to any photo shoot, as they add variety to your images between outfit changes. Fedora hats, silk scarfs, a change of shoes or the addition of a jacket, these are all things which can be changed in a couple of seconds, but really add to your final image collection.

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