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Rhododendron Photo Shoots

Have you ever felt as though you have stepped in to a fairytale? As though you wouldn’t be surprised to see some mythical creatures, in another world of beauty, colour and magic! Well, that is exactly how the last few weeks have felt, while I have been doing photo shoots in this absolutely stunning location, hidden deep within a woodland in Shropshire. I visit so many stunning locations every year, but this place just had something truly magical about it!

The rhododendrons bloom beautifully at the end of May and are always a highlight of my calendar, bringing the most beautiful splash of colour, with their bright pink and purple flowers, turning an already stunning woodland in to something truly magical! This year I had 8 beautiful horses visit this hidden gem of a location and my goodness the images produced were special!

The first of these beautiful shoots took place with Rosie & Jive (as shown above) on a commercial shoot, for Holland Cooper, producing images of their stunning equestrian clothing range.

A couple of days later, I returned to capture images of Suzie and her gorgeous boy Regalo. Suzie is a fantastic horsemanship trainer (Suzie School Horsemanship) and has been fantastic with my young horse. It was so lovely to capture these magical images with her and her lovely boy.

After Suzie’s beautiful shoot & having caught up on editing the images captured from the two shoots shoots above, I returned to the woods on another stunning day & met Vicky and her gorgeous mare Rosie. This was the first shoot I had done with this lovely duo & we created a huge variety of images, both among the rhododendrons & by walking down to another stunning location (showed later in the blog) as Rosie was very much up for modelling for longer.

After Vicky’s shoot, It was time for Erin & Her stunning mare Buttercup. Erin is the owner of Daz (Hilkens All Cream) an amazing dressage stallion I photographed last month.

For this shoot, I captured a variety of images, some in the classic portrait style & others in the “liberty” style (whereby the lead rope is removed in photoshop, to capture some stunning portrait shots, focusing on just the horse.

Katie & Dylon had their shoot in this beautiful location earlier last week. I did a shoot with Katie last year with her previous pony Troy in the bluebell woods, so it was lovely to capture these images with her new boy amongst these equally stunning flowers this year!

After Katie & Dylon’s shoot, I met this gorgeous two year old colt, from Penmawddwy Stud. This gorgeous boy absolutely loved his shoot & it was such a lovely experience & first outing for him.

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