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When I say I’ve wanted to do a snowdrop photo shoot for years, I am not exaggerating! 
I have always loved these spectacular flowers, so delicate and beautiful, but until this year had never found a location that would allow horses. Well that all changed when I was kindly given permission by a local estate to us their woodland which offers a sea of these wonderful flowers.

On route to the location and the rain was torrential, fear that storm “Eunice” had hit early set in. I arrived around 5 minutes early, as the rain continued pouring, but a brighter patch of sky could be seen in the distance, which filled me with optimism.

Thankfully, almost as the clock struck 1pm (sounds very cinderella I know, this really was a fairytale photo shoot though, so I think it is applicable) the clouds parted and the sun came out, just in time for the arrival of Georgina and Rufio (the lovely lady and her horse who are pictured in this blog).

After a lovely greeting, we headed to the location, which was a 10 minute walk along a field and in to the woods. Due to the heavy rain that morning, the track had become rather muddy, however we all managed to get to the location without getting too muddy.

We started out on the main track (as shown in the image below) which had many flowers on either side of it.

After using this beautiful track, we ventured a little further, where more flowers could be seen. When taking photos in beautiful locations like this, it is in the forefront of my mind that we leave it looking just as it did when we arrived, ensuring that we don’t damage any flowers. I wanted to include this video for that exact reason, to show how we can align a clear area for both myself and my client & their horse to stand in, surrounded by flowers and still achieve that same look.

After capturing many beautiful images among the snow drops and overlooking the river, we began to head back towards the horse box. Along the way we found several lovely locations to capture a few additional images, which added a lovely extra element to the final gallery.

This really was a beautiful shoot and the sun shone almost throughout, but just as we boxed Rufio up, the clouds returned and about 10 minutes later, the rain returned very heavily. You really wouldn’t have thought these images could have been taken on the same day!

If you love these images and would like to claim a space on the waitlist for the 2023 snow drop photo shoot day in this beautiful location, please CONTACT ME

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