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My classic equine photo shoots capture the relationship between horses and their owners, however in today’s blog, I wanted to share with you a slightly different style.

Are you wanting stunning fine art images of your horses? Or maybe you have always wanted a photo shoot with your horse, but you are a little camera shy and a little nervous to share an entire portrait session with them. The wild and wonderful style can be very flexible, used for a small percentage of images from your shoot, the entire gallery or anything in between.

For this beautiful Frost shoot with Mick and Sonic, we focussed purely on the wild and wonderful theme and I wanted to share with you a selection of images from their gallery, to show just how beautiful this style is and how much veriety we can achieve through different locations, angles and poses.

This is a fabulous way to capture your gorgeous horse’s features in

their natural environment.

The wild and Wonderful theme features beautiful portrait images of

your horse(s) around the yard.

Although the horses look as though they are standing alone in these images, they can in fact all be taken while being on a lead rope, which gives us more flexibility, when it comes to choosing locations.

If requested, I can even bring a special halter which I can remove in

photoshop afterwards, to give a truly wild look to the final selection.

We explore the yard in exactly the same way we would with my

classic equine portrait shoots, to discover a variety of locations that

can be used.

If you have multiple horses and a spare hand from a friend who can

help on the day, I can capture photos of your horses together.

Head shots are very popular


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