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On my previous blog posts, and on my social media platforms, I frequently share a small selection of images from each shoot… but what would a full gallery look like?

Last week I headed down to the New Forrest for a wonderful shoot with Jaidie and her three beautiful horses. Despite the initial thunderstorms forecast, on the day, we were blessed with beautiful sunshine. With kind permission from Jaidie to share a large portion of the images taken on her shoot, I have selected my favourite 30 images to share with you exclusively, here in this blog.

For every photo shoot, you can expect to see approximately 100 photos during your viewing session. these images (as you will see in this post) will each be unique & individual, allowing them to work perfectly as stand alone framed prints or compiled in to a beautiful linen bound photo album.

In order to achieve such a vast range of images throughout your shoot, we will go through a number of poses and also capture wonderful natural moments between you and your horse (as shown below) when you may not even realise I am taking photos.

Prior to your shoot, we will go on a location scout, which will allow me to compile a list of different backdrops and props we can use during the shoot, such as gates, mounting blocks or maybe, like the photo below, even a swing. Finding these different settings really adds a personal touch to your shoot, as well as adding even more variety to your collection of images.

Part way through your shoot, you will be able to have an outfit change, either to a different style all together, the change of a jumper or the addition of accessories, adding yet more variety to your final gallery.

Did you know you can have additional horses or humans on your photo shoot?

For the shot below, Jaidie wanted to have some photos with the lovely girl who was doing a fantastic job of looking after the additional horses when we weren’t photographing them. this was a lovely opportunity to get photos with all of them together.

The comparison between close moments, full body shots and dramatic images like the one shown below really add an extra element to your final gallery. With a bold statement piece like this, it really is a classic Amelia Hart shot, as it is an unexpected and individual element I purposely choose to add to each shoot, which is why these atmospheric photos are always popular among those wanting large wall art. For this reason, on every shoot, I always aim to capture 5 dramatic or fine art shots.

Light! Although it may seem small, this makes an enormous difference to your collection of images. Wether it be Mother Nature who decides to provide a variety of lighting conditions on the day or us through the locations we choose, my knowledge and experience means that we can capture beautiful images no matter what lighting conditions we have.

If you would like to book your dream photo shoot, please contact me

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