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Autumn has so many wonderful qualities, which makes it a very popular time of year for photo shoots. As the leaves begin to fall, each photo shoot has its own unique outlook. This year, I considered the 18th October as the start of Autumn and the season ended just over a month after on the 19th October.

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The first Autumn photo shoot this year took place at The Isle Estate, which is such a lovely yard location, as it has so many amazing settings, from the log pile (shown in the second image below) to the beautiful walls shown in the last, there are so many different locations to utilise here.

The Second Photo Shoot took place on my photo shoot day in Nesscliffe. 4 lovely shoots took place in this wonderful place on the 19th October. At this point, the leaves hadn’t all turned but it allowed lots of lovely sessions representing summer and autumn all in one.

  • Photo shoot one
  • Photo shoot Two
  • Photo shoot Three
  • Photo shoot Four

In the next photo shoot session, which was the following weekend, the leaves had begun to turn a little more, truly adding to the autumnal atmosphere.

Two shoots took place on this day, however the first had less of an autumnal feeling as we were in meadows outside a stable block.

This photo shoot session took place in the Wyre Forrest, a lovely location in the Worcestershire countryside.

The next photo shoot took place at this lovely lady’s yard, by which point, Autumn was in full swing, with the orange tones filling the landscape

My final photo shoots took place in Mid November, at the stunning Manor Lodge, near Market Drayton.

The Mother/Daughter photo shoot

My Final Autumn shoot had a true “western” theme which was brilliant, especially with these lovely colours.

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